Thursday, June 12, 2014

E3 rolls on with Nintendo

E3 rolls on today and we got a chance to visit the Nintendo booth. As you might have guessed Super Smash Brothers was the main focus. The game looks good and the announcement of PAC MAN as a playable character has us giddy with excitement.

Nintendo announced Amiibo which are little figures that when used with the WiiU game pad and the 3DS add additional features and abilities to Nintendo games. The first game to use these figures will be Mario Cart On the WiiU. We are excited to collect these figures. As a toy manufacture we love toys and are excited to get our hands on them .

Splatoon is another game coming to the WiiU. Think of this one as a shooter with instead of bullets you shoot paint. The team who covers the world with the most paint before the match ends wins. The characters in the game can also turn into cute squid characters and swim in paint of their own teams color. Looks to be a fun family friendly game.

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