Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello World

Hello World might be the first thing you learned when you tried to learn a new programming language. It's a first step into a much larger world that allows you to create brilliant new things. Hopefully this post and this blog in general can draw some inspiration from that first line of code and open up the door and show you what we are as a company.

Symbiote Studios is a small toy manufacturing company. We are unique in the fact that we have the liberty to only make toys that we truly enjoy. Many companies are locked into bottom lines and what share holders want. We are so small that all we answer to our the customers who buy our neat stuff. The ideas come from things we find fun. Maybe during a game night at the studio we played a spirited round of DOOM. This might inspire us to make a new DOOM figure or a new gun accessory. In short we make what we like and then offer it to you. If you vote with your wallets that you like it then we make more.

In this blog we will talk about toys, games and anything we find fun and entertaining. We do not expect everyone to like every topic we write about. If you do find something you like and you let us know then we will be more likely to write about it again. Our promise is to not use this blog as a vehicle to hard sell you. If you like our products you can buy them. If you just want to read the blog then go ahead. However, if you do find something you like please tell a friend.

Hope you enjoy your time on our blog. If you have any questions, comments or rants please post them. Welcome to Symbiote Studios and Hello World.