Saturday, June 14, 2014

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Today we are happy to announce that our first exclusive at this year's San Diego Comic Con will be from The Elder Scrolls Online. The figure is the Fighters Guild Journeyman in Akaviri Armor with Pony Guar Pet. This figure is the first time we have added a pet to our base figure. Also included is a code for in game DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. The first place you can get the code for a Scrib pet is by buying this figure.

Above image is the inner blister for the figure prototype. 
Final images coming soon..

From The Elder Scrolls Wiki "The Akavir, more commonly known as the Akaviri, were a humanoid race from the continent of Akavir. They spoke a language known as Akaviri. There are several theories about the Men of Akavir, including that they died out long ago, were eaten by the Tsaesci, or that they are in fact the Tsaesci themselves. It is still not clear if the Akaviri are extinct."