Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our 5 Biggest Games of 2015

Every now and then we like to take a break from the business side of things and humor the fanboy side of us. E3 announced a ton of big games coming out in 2015 that will surely solidify next gen consoles as the go-to platforms for gaming. After E3 finished, the ‘net was abuzz with speculation as to the biggest and best games coming out in the next year to 18 months. Here’s five (in no particular order) that we’re pumped to see coming to consoles in the near future.

1.    Splatoon
We mentioned this in a Nintendo E3 post we wrote a while back, but we’re really excited about this game coming to Wii U. The console has struggled as of late to gain traction with gamers, and with so much emphasis being placed on social play, Splatoon feels like a fun way to infuse combat and social gaming into the lighthearted Nintendo brand. It’s a simple concept of painting a level with paint guns and having the highest percentage at the end of the round, but it’ll be cool to see how tactics come into play as you defend sections, move between them via squid form, and attack the enemy’s paint sections. We can get our hands on it Q1/Q2 next year.

2.    Batman: Arkham Knight
The current/next gen series of Batman games has expertly brought to life the larger-than-life elements of Batman lore in a way that feels natural and believable. Clever combat, great stealth features, plenty of Batman villains and gadgets, and just the right amount of spooky, dark tone has made us huge fans of the Batman Arkham games. Arkham Knight will be no different. No official timetable for its release has been announced.

3.    The Order: 1886

We know, we know. Third person shooters are everywhere these days. There isn’t much left to be uncovered when it comes to gameplay, mechanics, cover systems, etc. Where a 3PS really separates itself is art style and story. The Order: 1886 checks off all our boxes. Super cool weapons? Check. Intense, creepy atmosphere? Check. Beautiful art style with a gloomy color palette? Check. Scary monsters? Check. Sign us up. Get ready to be scared like never before on February 20th.

4.    Rise of the Tomb Raider
We were fans from the moment we saw gameplay demos of the rebooted Tomb Raider. Finally, a version of Tomb Raider that suits the adventure, acrobatics, and tension that should be present in the franchise. The story was appropriately mysterious and offered plenty of twists and turns. A refined and smooth combat system with super cool weapon modifications gave a sense of accomplishment as you moved through the game. Can’t wait for this sequel. There is no official release date for this one yet.

5.    No Man’s Sky
This one really surprised us when trailers and gameplay were shown at E3. For fans of games that have wide open spaces with lush color and the vast emptiness of space, this game is going to be your dream. We’re curious as to how seamless the environment-to-environment transitions will feel when the game is played, but it’s a small concern. Such beautiful art style and a really interesting concept. Definitely one to watch, but we’re not sure yet as to when it will make its debut.

So there you have it. Our infallible analysis of games that we think will be the biggest and best of 2015. What are your most anticipated games? Let us know in the comments below!