Friday, August 1, 2014

A Review of The Elder Scrolls V Astrid Figurine

Show off your deep knowledge of one of the most epic fantasy games in history with this Skyrim Astrid figure, complete with her signature weapon, the Blade of Woe. Astrid is the leader of the Skyrim Dark Brotherhood, a shadowy guild of assassins who claim allegience to the Night Mother, a mysterious figure entombed in an ancient stone coffin. The Dark Brotherhood quest features one of the darkest and most captivating story arcs in the series.

Petite but deadly, the Astrid figurine measures in at just over 2.5 inches tall. Each figure has articulating arms, a weapon, and works with other Symbiote Skyrim accessories. Each of these amazing Skyrim toys features:
    skyrim astrid figurine
  • Articulating arms, head, and weaponry
  • Removable Blade of Woe 
  • Highly detailed vinyl material
Buy Astrid along with the Symbiote Studios Dragonborn figurine and relive her epic death after the sacking of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, when she asks the Dragonborn to finish her by performing The Black Sacrament with the Blade of Woe. At a price of $12.99, this unique Skyrim action figure won’t make a dent in your wallet. Get some for you and friends, or buy the set of both figurines here!