Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Volunteers wanted for PAX Prime Seattle

Symbiote Studios is looking for volunteers to hand out flyers at our booth at PAX Prime Seattle August 29th through September 1st. http://prime.paxsite.com/

What you need to do

1. Hand out flyers.
2. Tell people who visit our booth about our toys.
3. Be generally pleasant. :)
4. Volunteer 4 hours per day.

What you get.

1. One of each exclusive item we will be selling at the booth. We have not narrowed down our exclusives for the show yet, but last show we gave away the following. 1x Warframe Statue $69.99 1x Warframe Ninja Hoodie $59.99 1x Elder Scrolls Online Figure with Exclusive Code 1x Promotional discounts on games. Lots more. You will get one of everthing we sell.

2. Tickets to PAX Prime in Seattle. http://prime.paxsite.com/

3. You only have to volunteer 4 hours per day, so the rest of the show you can do whatever you want. Have fun.

4. Any industry parties we are invited to you can join us. You do not have to, but we offer this in case you like parties and free stuff.

5. The staff at Symbiote Studios will bring all the volunteers out to a thank you dinner. We pay, you eat. Lots of fun.

In short, you would be helping us out greatly. If you are interested send us an email telling us why we should select you to go to the show with us. Include pictures of yourself and links to social media sites you use. Send to info(at)symbiotestudios.com . Must be 18 years and older and have own travel and hotel arrangements.