Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Spotlight on Warframe Excalibur

Digital Extremes’ Warframe offers some menacing and imposing characters within its environment, and Excalibur is no exemption. Designed with the ability to empower any blade he wields, Excalibur is nearly invincible and cuts down his foes quickly and easily. This incredibly detailed polyresin video game statue features the character in an intimidating pose, having just cut down an enemy with ease and walking over his remains. With his curved, heavy blade, Excalibur is methodically moving on to his next target. The first of the Warframes to be created, Excalibur’s body is a twisted blend of steel and armor fashioned around his tortured soul from the afflictions he suffered in the Void.

This statue, fully licensed by Digital Extremes, comes equipped with the following features:

•    Sword
•    Dual pistols
•    Rifle
•    8 inches in height
•    Highly detailed polyresin build
•    Hand-written serial number on base

Excalibur’s balanced abilities make for a well-rounded playing experience in-game and we like to think his methodical, balanced approach to combat is captured in this beautiful gaming statue. This guy moves off our shelves quickly. Check out more details on the Warframe Excalibur gaming statue and shoot us an e-mail to let us know how much you’d love for him to be put back in stock!