Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why I'm looking forward to Godzilla on Blu-ray.

This summer has been a crazy roller coaster of work and fun. The gang at Symbiote Studios piled into a car and drove from Tucson, Arizona to Dallas, Texas to San Diego California and back to Tucson, Arizona. We did all this in a three week span in order to set up and work our Symbiote Studios booth at Quake Con and San Diego Comic Con. During this time I desperately wanted to watch Godzilla because it had recently come out. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to watch the flick until the very last day of the show madness.

It was late at night and we we decided to go to the theater to watch the movie. All of us were exhausted, but we were pretty sure that if we filled our tummies with soda and hot nacho cheese that we could make it through to the end.

The opening credits begin and the Breaking Bad/Malcolm in the Middle star Bryan Cranston comes on the screen. My first thought is, this is pretty cool. I liked him in his other shows and I'm sure he can keep me awake.

We are now thirty minutes into this film and very little action has taken place. My eyes feel like they are being held down by giant bricks and the once uncomfortable theater chair feels like a pillow stuffed with a cloud. Then to my happiness Godzilla comes on the screen! But wait! What is this? He's gone already. I waited through thirty minutes of people talking just to see him for 5 seconds?!

Twenty minutes pass since Godzilla was last seen and now all the people's words on the screen start blending together. My eyes are now shutting and opening without my control. I desperately hold out hope and with a burst of energy jump up and head to the bathroom. Stumbling down the theater hall I make it and quickly splash water on my face. This should do the trick, I say to myself as I head back to my seat.

Sitting back down in my seat it has been another five minutes and who do we see on the screen, people talking about Godzilla. Well if they are talking about him maybe something happened while I was gone or maybe he will come out again soon. Five more minutes go by and this time I can hold out no longer. My eyes shut like a vault in Vegas and I drift off into the night only to be awoken by my friends who also sat sleeping next to me.


 I am a fan of Godzilla. The Blu-ray release is my chance to finally watch the movie in all it's glory. I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Let's hope my impression of this film changes once I am wide awake.
While I wait for the Blu-ray to arrive I picked up some awesome toys from our good friends at NECA. Working for a toy company has really made me appreciate other quality toys and these are very good depictions of Godzilla.