Friday, October 10, 2014

Fifa 15 Review

Fifa 15 Review
By Francis Morgan

I've never really understood the appeal of sports simulators. That doesn't mean I think they're terrible. I just don't understand how developers can continue to make what is subjectively the same game over and over and still manage to consistently pull in a massive profit each year. How long can these franchises go before we run out of ideas on how to make grass physics more realistic? Still, every so often, I feel like giving the genre the benefit of the doubt.

EA's Fifa 15 does have a few moderately interesting additions, but most of my time playing was spent wondering why its existence is even necessary. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

If you have so much as a speck of familiarity with soccer, you're familiar with what the game play of Fifa 15 has to offer. Kick around a ball and aim for the opposite team's net. Controls are responsive and the UI is easy on the eyes, and the game play, though routine, doesn't have any noticeable issues. If you're feeling a little more competitive, you can also set up matches with friends or enter customized championships with NPCs.

A lot of emphasis is placed on the in-game physics and character animation, which I'll admit are actually fairly impressive. The expressions of each player can change depending on what is happening onscreen, and teams can actually cause damage to the field over time, though this doesn't have any effect on the game play itself. It's almost comical to watch a panicking goalie lunge to the side to block the net with his eyes stretched wide open, and seeing your winning team cheer among themselves is always a good boost for morale.

Fifa 15 is a solid soccer simulation game. It has everything fans of the genre could want, but you could also say that about most of its predecessors. The graphical updates are certainly nice; however, the game doesn't offer many reasons to choose it over its considerably cheaper siblings. If you want a sports simulator for your next-gen consoles, you definitely can't go wrong with Fifa 15, but for the rest of us, that slightly dusty copy of Fifa 14 looks just as good.

I give Fifa 15 a 3 out of 4.