Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gotham Ep. 6 “Spirit of the Goat” Review
By Rob Jefchak

            You know, for a show that is supposed to be (mostly) about up and coming Batman villains and seeing how they were as younger punks…they sure seem to be showing off a lot of random gimmick crooks that no one gives a bat’s crap about. In this episode, Bullock gets a frightening flash from his past as a serial killer known as “The Spirit of the Goat” resurrects from a long believed closed/dead case of Bullock’s; murdering the first born child of Gotham’s richest citizens as he did years ago. Meanwhile, Edward Nygma FINALLY gets some elbow room to be his creepy cryptic self and Gordon tries to get Barbra back in his life; just as Barb’s jealous lover Renee plans to arrest Gordon for the Penguin’s “murder.”
            The only thing this episode really had going for it was its conclusion. Once we got to the wrap up of this goat case, Gordon’s arrest and the Penguin’s next move; that became not only the end of the episode but the end of everything that was remotely interesting or engaging. I continue to ask my TV screen (as if it will answer) WHY this show continues to make up worthless wacko criminals to waste the audiences time when they could be showing the characters they advertised and made us WANT to see in the first place. This “Goat” killer feels like nothing more than a cliché serial killer that served no other purpose but to give us a reason to delve into Bullock’s past.
            To see Bullock’s old partner and actually hear Bullock used to be the “hero of Gotham” was supposed to sound shocking…or interesting…and it was neither. I mean yeah, maybe if this secret good guy background pans out in later episodes; it’ll be interesting but based on how we’ve seen Bullock behave and react, I’m finding it REAL hard to even consider this a valid discovery until it bears more naturally authentic fruit. It was nice to see Barbra and Gordon try and patch things up and it ultimately did culminate on a genuinely surprisingly turn of events at the very end. Edward Nygma doesn’t feel like he really is the Nygma/Riddler he is supposed to become but it’s kind of hard to gauge that when we barely freaking see the guy.
            We see him have fumbling feelings for the police records girl and his attempt at socialization with her (and others) continues to alienate him from everyone else who isn’t like minded. I can’t say this is terribly original but hey; at this point it’s at least something. The Goat case did come up with a nifty little surprise “final culprit” come towards the final act, but that wasn’t satisfactory enough to salvage the boring mangled mess of its first and second acts. Maybe this concept was forced for “Halloween” sake since the Goat curse concept tries to give off that sense of something supernatural possibly going on, but even if it did that still wouldn’t make me care about another lackluster, lame ass looney bin who isn’t a DC comic book villain.
            I really hope this mob war and Penguin’s rise to power picks up and doesn’t pull back any punches because I’m getting tired of wading through chunks of crap characters that have nothing to do with the reason people started watching this show in the first place. “The Flash” may be just NOW using villains that are worth remembering but at least they use their comic book crooks far more effectively and far more often than “Gotham” has been. “The Spirit of the Goat” is as stupid and meaningless an episode as it is a name for a serial killer. This episode stinks like bad road kill, messing up a perfectly paved road with gunk were swerving to avoid until someone comes along and cleans this road up so we can care about going down it again.