Friday, October 31, 2014

AHS: Freak show Ep. 4 “Edward Mordrake Part 2” Review
By Rob Jefchak

            Sometimes when you watch something on TV, you form your own idea of where someone or something is going to go; framing your own idea of where they are going to go with this and forming expectations. With tonight’s episode, all of my expectations and perceived paths for the characters were completely blown away and I was so happy to be so surprised. Continuing from “Part 1”, Edward Mordrake continues browsing the freak show roster to hear their sins and determine which one deserves enough to join his own ghostly freak show roster. Meanwhile, Jimmy and our fake fortune teller come across America’s most terrifying clown and that very same clown (Twisty by name) finally gets a voice as we learn about his true past.
            Ever since this demented circus freak stabbed his way into the first episode of “AHS: Freak show,” people can’t stop talking about what a nightmarish splatter Twisty has created for viewers. Yet despite the character’s impact, practically nothing has been explained or explored with the character’s history; only that he cannot talk (which doesn’t help) and he likes to kill random people or kidnap them for personal play dates back at his trailer. Part of me feels a tad letdown seeing as how Mordrake was built up with such great delivery, only to be completely side swiped by Twisty’s sudden tell all story.
            The revelation of Twisty’s past doesn’t completely erase the maniac’s mindless murders but it certainly puts him in a new light that, for a character like this; you never thought it possible to associate sympathy with the likes of this freak. It was touching, saddening, satisfying and above all else; a fitting conclusion (of sorts) for a character who seemingly had no direction except murder and mayhem. Elsa Mars and her freaks also revealed some painful memories; though it was mostly just her and the others received brief snippits of back story. Though truthfully, if anyone else had a past that was more mortifying than Elsa Mars; I’d very much like to see that…even though I almost wish I hadn’t seen Elsa’s.
            I knew FX could pull off riskier content but I had no idea THIS kind of sick twisted darkness could be shown on TV. Elsa’s past was disturbing beyond imagination; I can’t even type in public what was shown without grimacing or cringing. Dandy (or as I’ve bene calling him, cliché rich white boy) has truly and literally snapped his way out of cliché clothing and into full blown, psychopathic villain from the events of this little turn of events. Despite the past bloodshed from the likes of Jimmy and fellow freak show members, it seems a light of hope and heroism has shined on Elsa’s band of freaks and almost produced a sense of “established sides.”
            The conmen duo continues to leave unimpressed dents in my attention span, hopefully building up to something that makes their introduction and use worth their practically worthless introduction. So much has happened here and yet so much is left altered that while some things are clearly paved for a certain direction to be followed; others provide interesting new developments that leave me curious. I’d say I got a good handle on what roles are being handed out here but after this toss up with Twisty’s tale, there’s clearly still quite a few surprises hiding under this big top that could change the game altogether. I may have wanted out of Mordrake himself but I got more of Elsa and Twisty than I ever imagined and that was definitely worth the watch.