Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shadows of Mordor: A Short Adventure

Shadows of Mordor: A Short Adventure

Lugdash Broken-Shield was a precarious orc to kill. I had difficulty with him until I found he was frightened of flame. When I set his followers burning, Lugdash dropped everything and fled. I wasn't going to lose this execution, so I pursued him. We both wound up running for a long, long time.

I pursued Lugdash out of the corroded metal fortification he'd been staying in. It was a nice location and showed he was one of the top warchiefs in that area of Mordor. We sprinted up a steep slope, Talion's dull blue cape surging behind him. He evaded me momentarily in his route through the little orc settlements peppered over Mordor's landscape. We tumbled through sloppy swamps running on mildew covered stepping stools during the chase. We ran over stone remains, past horrible, lion-like mountain monsters and through vast fields. Different characters provided for us passing looks. Some even attempted to assault us. We blew past every one of them. I wasn't exactly quick enough to get him. However I wasn't going to lose him, either. The pursuit went on.

I began to think about whether I ought to surrender, reload Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and attempt once more. However I'd been attempting to slaughter Lugdash for some time by then. Each time I reached him up close and personal in his fortification, I was overpowered by the sheer amount of associates and lesser orcs he had available to him. What's more every time I passed on, Lugdash or he beat me, he became more influential as well as his bodyguards or whoever happened to land the killing blow on me. Whenever our razor sharp edges met, Lugdash would jeer and help me to remember how pathetically I'd bumbled our last battle. This made the first venture of simply invading his fortress harder without a doubt, and the sting of disappointment all the more humiliating thus. Presently, I at last had Lugdash all alone, far from his bothersome subordinates and away from anything ese that could remain between us.

Finally I had caught up to him. I took a couple of swipes at Lugdash, thumping him to the ground. He attempted to attack me before sprinting in the other direction. Anyway I had him. I continued hitting him, and hitting him, until at last he quit attempting to run. His body hurling as he panted for breath, my character strode over and pulled him into a stooping position for one final murdering blow. At the same time Lugdash still had one final word he simply needed to get in. "Is any of this going to bring your family back?" the orc asked. One last bit of the screws, to get my blood pumping once more. After a minute, his executed head was turning in mid-air, soupy globs of dark blood swirling around in moderate movement.  He was dead.