Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Flash Ep. 4 “Going Rogue” Review
By Rob Jefchak

            People who love DC comics and “The Flash” probably are having tons of fun with this show; it’s easter eggs and character portrayals are no doubt pleasing old and new fans with each episode (the fact it already got a full season order is indication the show is doing something right). As for me? I’ve been bored, disappointed and confused at what exactly are the “right” things this show has been doing lately. Is it pretty good? Yeah sure, but great? No, I wouldn’t say that at all. “Going Rogue” however, is VERY close to great…so close that I think I am finally starting to see what the “right” things are in this speedy super heroes series.
            After The Flash busts up a jewel heist on his “free day”, he finds an old friend from “Arrow” visits; Felicity Smoke (Emily Bett Rickards). She stirs quite the romantic rambling inside Iris and Barry, not to mention the growing stress of Iris dating her father’s partner, Eddie. But the head jewel heister Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) snags a super freeze ray gun that was built by Barry’s buddy and STAR labs employee, Cisco. Now Captain Cold wants his ice and his revenge on The Flash and Cisco’s handiwork continues to put the team and everyone in Central city in jeopardy.
            Villains have been the weak point in this series since the beginning, all the great nudges/nods and flashy super powers don’t mean jack if the characters are about as deep as cardboard. While I have never been a fan of Wentworth Miller in the past (and won’t be in the future either) I will admit, at the very least he managed to give his character and progression into an actual costumed super villain some real thought and effort. Cold is given a back story, a strategic mind and a mean streak that grew with each encounter with the Flash; motivating him more to be the bad guy this kind of series needs. “Flash” needs more than a freak of the week, it needs an actual nemesis; someone who is going to stick around to be a real masked menace.
            Hopefully Cold (and the brief glimpse of future flame flinging villain “Heatwave” at the end) will deliver that. I’ve never seen “Arrow” or knew anyone from the show but I may have to watch it now after the charming delight that is Felicity. While Rickards seems a bit “super model” to be a plausible nerd but her chemistry and comedy with Barry made for much enjoyed romantic humor and the whole “they’re perfect for each other” angle that Iris so clearly pointed out made me kind of hope/wonder if Felicity would stick around for future flings. Cisco being the source behind the cold gun’s development provided very interesting conflict for the lovable geek guru.
            Jesse L. Martin as Joe West continues to be the best player in this show’s cast, even Grant Gustin pales to Martin’s talent and his perspective on his daughter’s new man was handled perfectly. I’m still not sure where or what is going on with Dr. Wells but I have a few ideas (I’m still shocked no one notice what happened to Simon Stagg at THIS point), I’m sure it will all come to light sooner or later. I’m just hoping I can be surprised and not be like “I knew it” because that’s what worries me about this show: predictability. It’s finally on it’s to solving the villains complex by introducing actually interesting bad guys, keep the gradual tweaks and improving developments going and I’ll nod in full agreement with CW’s decision to give a new season order; after all, I don’t wanna be right about the show being wrong; I want to be right about it being right.