Monday, November 10, 2014

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ep. 5 "Pink Cupcakes" Review

AHS: Freak Show Ep 5. “Pink Cupcakes” Review
By Rob Jefchak

After the departure of everyone’s favorite killer clown along with the two faced Mordrake, I was wondering how things were going to pick up after such a disturbing display of revelations in the last episode. Ted and Maggie continue to work their way into the freak show; trying to sucker whichever freak they can get their hands on to take a lethal dirt nap so they can parade their carnival carcass for an oddity museum for money, Elsa once again whines about not being the star of the show, Dandy tries to pick up his “friend’s” murdering ways for his own and Desiree discovers some astonishing news about her “freak nature” that drastically changes things between her and Dale. 

Let me start off by saying I find it very funny when I find myself thinking the same things the characters in the show are doing…and then I see it happen. I’m referring to the crowd’s reaction to Elsa’s performance and like the angry mob in the show: I came here to see the freaks and not watch a burnt out whiny German have a meltdown every time she doesn’t get the spotlight. One of my fears with the theme choice of the season was worrying if the show was going to run out of ways to make the freaks interesting or find reasons for them to be involved in the story somehow. 

With this episode, I definitely saw a lot of that fear realized. Elsa may have been hanging around since the series began (I never watched AHS til now so I don’t know for sure) but I really feel she has worn out her welcome; same goes for the con men, Maggie and Stanley. There’s just something to be said about knowing how a subplot will end before they even show it; this isn’t like seeing “Titanic” and enjoying the ride even though you know the boat is gonna sink, the point is this ride is too short and too predictable to even enjoy getting to the already expected ending. 

The show tried to keep things “interesting” by sporting “visions” of what Ted might do if he ever got ahold of the 2 headed sisters or Elsa; interesting as they are; they still don’t leave much of a reason for why I am supposed to care or get engaged over this. Dandy’s new “side project” after his clown buddy vanished is actually a far more interesting tale; he’s treading into unusual territory even for him and I’m curious to see how his new night lifestyle treats his mental disposition.

I can’t say I am shocked by what’s happening with Dale and Desiree, but I can say it’s a Hell of a lot more intriguing then Elsa’s juvenile jealousy over the 2 headed sisters. Dale is one deeply messed up man with the strength and temperament of a wild bull on crack; you never know what he will do but you do know it will be violent and it can be unleashed on anyone unfortunate enough to be in his path. Though Ethel’s doctor wasn’t the most pivotal character on the series, still; his empathy to Ethel in her diagnosis scene was very touching and seeing what Dale does to him…was a bit unsettling to say the least; though like I said it was not exactly shocking considering Dale’s character.

I’m not sure what is going to happen to the twins now that they are Dangerous Dandy’s new potential murder toy, this could go in many different directions and at least it tears us from the weakling romance Jimmy and Maggie slapped together. 

Overall, this was a typical kind of episode: nothing too fancy but nothing too flat either. This episode certainly doesn’t live up to the (literal) jaw dropping results of “Mordrake Part 2”, but hey; I’m still watching and here’s hoping Dandy will make for a fun new “Twisted the clown” for future murder and mayhem.