Friday, November 28, 2014

Gotham Ep. 10 "Lovecraft" Review

Gotham Ep. 10 “Lovecraft” Review
By Rob Jefchak

I was talking to my wife the other night and she mentioned that she used to be into a show called “Nailed it” but has grown tired of it, yet she continues to watch the show to see how everything is going to end; even though her interest in it has diminished greatly. “Gotham” is giving me that EXACT same feeling and this mid-season finale certainly didn’t improve things. After Harvey Dent’s attempt to spook Lovecraft into revealing the Wayne’s true killer fails, an assassin (Copperhead) is dispatched to silence both Lovecraft and Selena Kyle. 

Selena and Bruce flee from the mansion with Copperhead, Alfred and Bullock in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Gordon gets into hot water with the Mayor, Alfred turns out to be a bad ass and Falcone is sniffing and shooting at whatever treacherous rat in his path; in hopes of finding out who robbed his armory. Much like last week’s episode “Harvey Dent”, the titular character of Lovecraft has very little to actually do with this episode or its relevance to the main story at hand. We originally think Selena is the only target for Copperhead but we later found out Lovecraft is on the list too for knowing too much…what that is exactly is unknown. 

Were made to believe Lovecraft knows some serious intel based on his brief appearance in the episode, but his involvement is “resolved” so quickly that we don’t feel like we lost a big lead despite the show’s half assed efforts to convince us otherwise. Everything was rushed either too fast or progresses too slowly; Penguin’s desire for a mob war and Fish’s scheme with her “weapon” have been moving along sluggishly. Ivy comes back for a brief albeit welcomed appearance since she hasn’t appeared since the pilot; she’s creepy, weird and odd but hey; least she finally popped up again. 

Selena and Bruce’s little fling was the only part that actually feels natural and evenly paced; we learn about their personal views, their moral codes and why they decide to walk the different paths they have chosen for themselves. One thing everyone will be talking about his Alfred kicking ass and flipping thugs like it was nothing, this was not only an interesting development but a freaking awesome one to boot. Alfred continues to prove how dangerous protective he is of “Master Bruce” and watching the likes of Bullock and Fish become impressed by Alfred’s strength was truly satisfying.

Sometimes characters straight from the comics aren’t presented with enough recognition that even comic fans cannot recognize; such is the case with one of the worst comic-to-TV character adaptations ever: Copperhead. This was the most generic, ordinary and inaccurate represented character DC TV has produced, no one in “Arrow”, “The Flash” or even “Smallville” has ever been represented so pathetically. 

Even the tattooed Victor Zsasz (who is less famous than Copperhead) felt more like a unique comic book supervillain than this miserable, idiotic interpretation of Copperhead (who is actually a man in a strength enhanced snake costume). Gordon’s shift to security at Arkham may have some people interested/excited but I’m not holding my breath, I’m expecting a breath of fresh mediocrity than marvel at this development. 

Arkham is an iconic spot all right but this is before all the Batman villains became villains or have been sent to the asylum, so where is the real investment or interest in him going there? I will admit that the confrontation with Gordon, Dent and the Mayor was probably the best scene in the whole episode. This scene had everything: tension, good acting, better dialog and an outcome that was expected but none the less enjoyable and an effective reminder of why Gordon is the lead in this series. 

I can’t say this was a great mid-season send off, the butchering of Copperhead and turtle speed handling of the major plot points bored and disappointed me. Like my wife with “Nailed it”, I want to see how this ends but…I’m still not 100% hooked per say.