Saturday, November 15, 2014

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ep. 6 "Bullseye" Review

AHS: Freak show Ep. 6 “Bullseye” Review
by Rob Jefchak

You know, of all the new shows that came out this fall; “Freak show” has been my favorite and been the most consistently entertaining series since the very first episode. It’s dark, twisted, violent, macabre, and the stories and dialog circling these characters continues to impress me. But no matter how good the show; there’s always going to be a few turds along the way and this episode is the biggest one yet. 

Elsa’s birthday is coming round the corner but she becomes furious when more people question the disappearance of the Twin sisters rather than celebrating in her desperately desired time of need. Dandy begins his courtship of the Twin sisters with predictable results; Maggie and Stanley continue to be disconnecting douchebags and Mr. T-rex arms (aka Paul) starts a relationship with a girl that causes trouble for everyone involved.
If anyone were to tune into “Freak show” for the first time on this episode, they’d be asking the same question I asked: where the hell are all the freaks and why is this German crybaby getting all the focus? Jessica Lange’s character has been pissing and moaning about getting upstaged and left out of the limelight since the first episode and she still hasn’t changed AT ALL. 90% of this episode was just a painful reminder of what kind of person Elsa is like; everyone is supposed to adore her even when she’s worn out her welcome. 

The same can be said for Maggie and Stanley and Dandy as well. I’ve made no mystery about how I feel about Maggie and Stanley’s crappy con man routine, and now Dandy is acting like his old cliché self again and it’s a real disappointment. Bringing the Twins back to his home makes for some interesting dialog between the two sisters, but Dandy reverts back to the spoiled psychopathic brat he was in the first episode. 

The last episode had this guy literally chopping a man to pieces in Twisted the clown’s old trailer, why would you throw all that dark development away just to make him an egotistical whiner again? What really sucks here is that despite the relapse, Dandy actually had some amazing dialog during his “empty desert” speech to his mother. He perfectly summarizes what kind of person he is, how he truly feels on the inside and what his life must become if he ever wishes to be happy again.

The only saving grace comes from Paul; someone who we have seen frequently but never got to personally know until just now. Paul takes zero garbage from zero people, he speaks his mind to everyone and he always seems to say what is on everyone’s minds (including the audience); including the problems just listed with Dandy and Elsa. 

I’m not saying they are ruining the show, nor am I saying they are bad characters; up until this point they have both been progressively interesting characters. But Dandy and Elsa are like alcohol: it’s good in moderation but too much of it is going to make you sick, upset and reduces your tolerance for it each time after. Brandy at least has a serial killer side to him; Elsa has nothing else to fall back on except her annoying ego. “Bullseye” is everything you’ve seen before in past episodes but with 40% less good stuff. 

It’s like all the worst qualities from each episode have been compiled into one single craptacular episode; it would almost be ironically amusing if the episode wasn’t oozing with banality. This episode is a waste, a throw away bore fest that could easily be summed up in next week’s episode recap. If this dismal state of quality continues to decline, I’m gonna be need to be strapped to a spinning wheel while knives are thrown at me JUST to feel something again.