Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Flash Ep. 6 "The Flash is Born" Review

The Flash Ep. 6 “The Flash is Born” Review
By Rob Jefchak

 Most superheroes are peak specimens of physical perfection; even the ones that are not aliens or billionaires who train themselves every waking moment to be masked maniacs. But not all of them are, some of them are puny, skinny little guys who have powers that work better in other areas…but still leave them weak as a bullied geek in others. Case in point: Barry and Iris continue to be frosty with one another while “The Streak’s” blog continues to put everyone on high alert for Iris’s safety level, and prompting more secret rooftop meetings with Flash reminding her this blog will get her in trouble…not surprisingly; it does. 

An old bully by the name of Tony Woodward (The Girder) from high school returns to torment Iris and Barry/The Flash with the power to become solid steel. Meanwhile, Joe investigates Dr. Wells background. Iris, according to the past 2 episodes is looking even dumber than Lois Lane and it’s worsened by the fact that everyone on the show, in the audience (and common sense) saw this coming from a mile away. 

I get why she feels the need to do it but even a “believer” and hero worshipper her like should have seen this kind of thing coming; especially with this week’s meta-human villain. I’m torn with Girder because there’s stuff I like about him and other stuff that’s just weak. Positively speaking, Girder is a great foil for Barry. He’s everyone’s school yard bully from their worst nightmares; made stronger and nastier thanks to everyone’s favorite super powered party favor; the particle accelerator. 

Having Barry’s old school bully attack his friends and his super hero persona sets up the perfect “revenge of the nerds” formula and for Barry; it’s a good fit. Barry’s all about speed and as incredibly versatile as his powers are, a good punch can still knock him on his ass and we see Barry eating asphalt A LOT more than usual. This lead to some great involvement from Cisco and Caitlin sharing their concerns, their support and their own personal stories of bullying and how they can help Barry deal with his super powered bully now (kudos for the sonic boom punch cheer Cisco). 

Negatively speaking though, Girder is as stiff as his metallic arms; he offers nothing unique, different or deep as a villain. Sure, Barry’s “ultimate tease/reveal” at the end was a priceless moment for geeks everywhere, but I just felt as the first meta-human Barry actually knows personally; there could have been a lot more done with him. I was also let down at the actual climax of the battle with the supersonic punch. 

The sonic boom impact was made to sound like it was going to be a Mortal Kombat Fatality type attack, instead it just knocks Girder known and not even out or kills him or anything and it kind of cheapens the buildup if you ask me. I liked seeing Eddie share some of his past pains with Barry and trying to him out, even though he seems to feel more useless with each episode ever since Iris went blogging. 

But not even the sonic boom punch could compare to the spectacular kick ass talents of detective Joe West. Joe sniffing around Dr. Wells involvement was brilliantly done, I didn’t even see this coming and by the time we saw “The Yellow man” make a second appearance; I was truly captivated. Dr. Wells have been doing some creepy, back alley shady things for a while now and the clues regarding his purpose and goals have been ambiguous at best. 

Now we finally got some framework for answers and I have a feeling things are going to get pretty interesting the more Joe investigates this new development. So overall, the ending was great, Girder could have been better and seeing Barry get broken then bounce back; more awesome than ever was a geeky triumphant I can empathize with. 

I believe the next move is yours Dr. Wells, can’t wait to see it.