Monday, December 15, 2014

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ep. 9 "Tupperware Party Massacre" Review

AHS: Freak show Ep. 9 “Tupperware Party Massacre” Review
By Rob Jefchak

If last week’s episode didn’t confirm Dandy has cracked more so than a walnut after being run over by a car, than this episode definitely nails it in. This show may have started with the creepiest clown known to humankind stealing the show, but the more I watch Dandy; the more you start to realize he’s actually CRAZIER than that stab happy clown. As already indicated, Dandy is on a killing spree; going from door to door, charming his way into people’s hearts before ripping them out and bathing in their blood and acting like it’s Christmas every day. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the freak show members are reeling from the guilt and ghosts of the people they have victimized; particularly Dell and Elsa who both have dirty dealings with Stanley. Jimmy continues to drown his sorrows and booze while the Twins decide if they want to undergo surgery (or so they think) and be truly separated from one another, and that’s not even counting the surprise “fall guy” being blamed for Dandy’s crimes at the end. Lately AHS has been feeling more like “The Dandy show” than the freak show. 

The character has come a long way since just being the whiny rich boy who got everything he ever wanted from mommy. The blood and body count continue to rise with each episode, major and minor characters alike are dying in the most gruesome ways and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to decrease anytime soon. One thing I had hoped WOULD have stopped is Jimmy’s drunken stupor, I get why he’s acting this way but it’s dragging him severely out of character and it’s making him difficult to watch and to understand. 

The Twins have a heart to heart (or rather head to head) conversation and it feels they finally have reached a peaceful acceptance of their dual lives and where they belong. I can only wonder how Stanley and Elsa are going to deal with their 2 headed cash cow bailing on their bogus surgery scheme (though you think Stanley would be satisfied with the current dead freaks he has now). Dell finally has his demons catch up to him and I thought for sure this was going to be the last chapter in the strong man’s sad little story. But, things didn’t go as anyone had planned or expected and Dell was saved by the last person we’d ever see shedding a tear for him. 

I have to say I rather liked this angle for Dell, his time in this episode was brief but it was enough to develop the character just enough to generate interest on where Michael Chiklis will take his character next. Maggie’s involvement intrigues me; she seemed to be done with Jimmy but her jealousy with his gargantuan new girlfriend provided some feisty sparks. Perhaps Jimmy’s desire to reject both the Twins and the fat lady for Maggie isn’t entirely a lost cause after all. 

Stanley like Dandy continues to become more depraved and repulsive with each appearance, it seems like all Stanley does here is give you someone to hate and loathe; showing absolutely no redeeming qualities and pushing our stomachs limit to how many sick acts we can digest. Dandy’s scene with the police was probably the most interesting performance for the character (and his actor); he proves he’s not so crazy as he does know how to keep his messy hobby under wraps (and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how utterly useless the police are in this town). 

My only concern is that Dandy’s madness may become less horrific if the show keeps trying to top his butchery skills each episode; eventually it’s going to lose its luster. The body count is only going to get higher from here folks, things have turned truly twisted and with Dandy at the helm; there’s no telling what kind of Jason Voorhees stunt he’s going to pull next. 

Be prepared to possibly lose your favorite character next episode because as I said before: the victims list is only going to get longer.