Monday, December 8, 2014

The Flash Ep. 8 “Flash vs. Arrow” Review

The Flash Ep. 8 “Flash vs. Arrow” Review
By Rob Jefchak

While DC continues to embarrass itself by producing the inevitably-soon-to-be-botched mega mess that is “Batman vs. Superman” (or as I like to call it: The greatest act of desperation), DC TV has provided us with a much better and more interesting (albeit) shorter crossover battle with their 2 DC CW super hero shows: “Flash vs. Arrow.” I’ve been watching “Flash” since it came on but I only recently have become a fan of “Arrow;” even though I’m not fully caught up on the series. Central City has a new meta-human menace codenamed “Prism” who has the power to turn ordinary people into rage filled psychopaths just by locking eyes with him.

Meanwhile Barry’s hero ally and friend Oliver Queen/Arrow (Stephen Amell) and his team: Felicity and Diggle (Emily Bett Rickards and David Ramsey respectively) come to Central City in search of a super villain who kills using boomerangs. But when Barry gets “whammied” by Prism’s red eye effect, he starts lashing out at everyone; including Iris’s boyfriend Eddie who believes the Flash is more menace than hero. 

Now the Green Arrow must battle the Flash: bow to super speed and save the city from its number one super hero. After such a bad ass episode like “Blackout” last week, imagine my delight to see an even more amazing episode follow up: a crossover event battle royale between the CW’s super hero sibling shows. There’s a lot of difference between “Flash” and “Arrow”, all of them are fairly obvious to even the most casual viewer and all of them are not only addressed in here; but handled perfectly in synch with the nature and flow of the episode. Arrow is more dark, reality based and feels more like Batman with it’s of dark vigilante methods and weaponry. 

Flash is more light hearted, fantastical based and relies on more upbeat humor than dark moodiness to fill the show up. Despite having such polar opposite ends on moods and types of super heroes/villains, these characters flowed together with flawless excellence. We got to see hilarious and even insightful conversations between the heroes on everything from training, using their skills to even women and the sad fact as Oliver so accurately puts it “Guys like us don’t get the girl in the end.” 

The battle itself was brief but didn’t at all feel rushed or diminished; fans and viewers of either or both series would definitely feel satisfied as both masked heroes kicked costumed ass with their own tricks and talents. I also love that it was Barry who was turned into the tricked hero (it’s the only way 2 superheroes would fight). Oliver would have been an easy target to make into a rage filled avenger due to his darker themes and style, but making Barry “see red” provided a darker side to the happy-go-lucky we haven’t really seen before and it made for excellent conflict with Iris and Eddie’s relationship. 

Seeing Eddie nearly killed by Iris’s secret super hero admirer was quite a shocking sight and naturally, Barry learns the hard way how right Oliver was about getting the girl. Seeing the two teams interact was truckloads of fun. Felicity and Caitlin get along great, Ollie suspects Dr. Wells of something, some great bickering over “code names” and the best by far: Diggle’s reaction to Barry’s speed. My only criticism would be I felt the apprehension of Prism felt rushed and kind of just shucked in at the last second; I get why it was done that way (so there could be more air time for the heroes to duke it out) but I still feel it felt noticeably rushed. 

Overall, “Flash vs. Arrow” just knocks it out of the park in every area; the humor and writing in this episode is the best by far this series has ever shown off before. The heroes are great together, the action and battling were fantastic, the cast blended together beautifully and not a moment of crossover goodness was wasted. 

“Batman vs. Superman”, you better have been taking notes!