Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Flash Ep. 9 "The Man in the Yellow Suit" Review

The Flash Ep. 9 “The Man in the Yellow Suit” Review
By Rob Jefchak

Ever since the series started, we’ve been reminded of Barry’s mother’s killer being an elusive ghost that no one has been able to find or confront; leaving Barry’s father wrongfully imprisoned for his wife’s murder. Now the mid-season reaches its closing as we finally got to meet the man in the yellow (masked and unmasked) and see how this development will change Barry’s life for good. After the man in yellow (better known as the Reverse Flash) fails to acquire a rare scientific device, Barry and his team prepare a trap for Reverse Flash while Joe confesses he’s known about this yellow man but kept quiet due to threats made against Iris’s life. 

Speaking of Iris, things between her and Barry and Eddie both seem to be going extremely well; so well that Barry confesses his feelings to Iris even knowing she plans to move in together with Eddie. Meanwhile, Caitlin discovers Ronnie is alive and not-so-well; being mutated into a deeply disturbed meta-human known as Firestorm: the nuclear man. Now Barry has to confront all the feelings he’s held his entire life: for both Iris and Reverse Flash. The inevitable arrivals of both Reverse Flash and Firestorm have been teased and built up from the very first episode, two characters with grand history that finally collide in this mid-season finale. 

For the most part, I really loved how everything was handled with Barry, confessing his feelings, confronting his mother’s killer and having to accept that his life may have to move on without getting full closure on either Reverse Flash or Iris. There’s a lot that we don’t know about this yellow doppleganger, despite the fact he talks as if he has known Flash all his life (time traveling issues anyone?) Though his ultimate reveal at the end was predictable considering how his true persona hasn’t exactly been…subtle in his shady dealings behind Barry’s back, it’s still a genuine shock since this leaves A LOT of questions that remain unanswered. 

Seeing Barry so blindingly frustrated is kind of unsettling, way worse than the rage effect he received from Prism during last week’s crossover episode. Barry is rightfully obsessed with finding his mother’s killer and seeing how severely outmatched he is against this foe; makes things for Barry even more infuriating. Getting closure on the past is the perfect set up for explaining his true feelings to Iris; Barry has struggled with his love life and life in general so it makes sense someone as big as Reverse Flash helps him realize just how much time he’s lost running around in circles…so to speak. 

Once again, Joe and Barry’s father provide the right answers at the right time; each one helping guide Barry’s rage as best they can since both want the best for him. Reverse Flash himself was actually quite creepy; I was surprised at how truly scary someone with super speed can be with the right application. The blurry red eyes, dark voice and watching him easily pick apart Barry truly proved this yellow speedster is a dark force that is not to be taken lightly or trifled with. I can’t say the other big reveal of Firestorm Ronnie was all that spectacular; all it did was confirm his existence to Caitlin and the others. 

Ronnie is supposed to be Caitlin’s fiancé, the man whose death she was unable to stop reminding us of every time she opened her mouth. Now we get him and aside from a truly sky rocketing exit, all he did was moan and groan and act as cliché “whiny cursed hero/villain” as humanly possible. Obviously, lots of questions and developments for these events and characters have yet to be seen or addressed; definitely guaranteeing this viewer’s return visit for when the season picks up in the spring. 

But overall, this was intense, suspenseful, confusing and while still somewhat predictable; a satisfying send off until the scarlet speedster returns with new foes and questions to unfold.